24 Hour Home Care

Senior Care provides 24 hour home care, or sometimes called live-in care.  At Senior Care Seniors that receive 24 hour care in their home benefit from having a trained Caregiver constantly at their side.  At discounted rates, 24 hour care has become very popular among families that live long distances from their loved ones, or who simply can’t  be there all hours of the day to help.  24 hour senior care includes all activities of care metioned under our care services. In the initial meeting we create a care plan based off of your expectations; this allows us to support your loved one in the same way that you would support them if you were there.

24 hour care creates a strong bond of friendship between the senior and the Caregiver since they spend more time together.  It also helps families rest easy knowing that there is always someone nearby taking care of their loved ones.  Contact us today to learn more about how 24 hour care might be right for you.

at home care for Seniors 24 hours a day