Warning Signs of a Bad Senior Care Facility

Choosing the right senior care facility can feel like and overwhelming and daunting task.  Not only are you choosing a new location for your loved one to live, you are choosing care providers you are trusting with your loved ones health and wellbeing.  When choosing a care facility you want to avoid choosing a bad one.  Here are some warning signs of a bad senior care facility you should look for:

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

  • Before even visiting the care facility you should ensure that they have all of the proper licenses and certifications.  The first red flag you may notice is a missing or inadequate certification.  These facilities should be avoided.
  • You can do research on your own to learn what others think of the facility by reading reviews or asking for referrals.  In the case of a bad care facility you will often quickly find ratings or reviews that indicate problems that others have had.  While these reviews may not be entirely accurate, it is a good idea to know them and address them when meeting with personnel at the facility.
  • Visit the facility.  In a good care facility you should be able to visit at anytime and be able to see what the normal schedule for that time is like.  Facilities that only allow for scheduled tours or visits could be putting on appearance during those times only.
  • What is the demeanor of the personnel at the care facility?  When visiting care facilities you should be noticing not only how the staff relates to you as the visitor, but also how they relate to current residents of the facility as well.  How do the residents seem to interact with the caregivers?  In good care facilities residents will seem happy and readily interact with caregivers whereas in bad facilities they may seem to shy away or be leery of facility staff.
  • Look at the condition of the facility itself.  You don’t want to choose a facility that looks or feels run down or has noticeable safety or other problems.  You should be looking for a facility that takes pride in the appearance and cleanliness of their gathering spaces as well as individual resident rooms.  Take note of any unpleasant smells you might notice as well and whether they are persistent throughout the facility. A good facility will not only be well cared for, it will also have the appropriate accommodations to ensure the safety of the residents as well.  Handrails, wide doorways, and easy to move on flooring are good indicators of a facility that is prepared to meet the needs of seniors.
  • Find out about what services the facility offers.  Not only should you be checking the physical accommodations, it is important to determine that your loved one will find activities and entertainment options as well.  Bad care facilities are those that fail to remember that even seniors in need of assistance also need interaction and engagement.  A good facility on the other hand will offer a variety of scheduled and optional activities your loved one can participate in.

The best way to know the quality of the care facility you are choosing is to visit.  During your visit and tour you can meet those who work at the facility as well as residents who live there.  You can visualize the condition of the property as well as see firsthand what happens during any given time.  When choosing the right care center for your loved ones it’s important to know as much as possible so that you can make a well informed choice.

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