Top 3 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Senior Care Company

Are you actively seeking a senior care company to help your loved one? When you are trying to find a senior care facility, it is important to know what to look for. This process is often confusing for many people, and it can be an overwhelming task to find a company that you can trust. Your loved one deserves the best care possible. This is not always an easy thing when you are dealing with cost problems, and the issues that come with aging such as memory loss and disabilities. There are some different things you need to avoid when you are seeking the right senior care company for your loved one.


Smells and Decor

When you walk through a facility, one of the first things you will notice is the way it looks and how it smells. A bad facility will have a certain odor to it. This often shows how the facility is simply not cared for. The facility should always smell clean and fresh, not “old” or like mothballs. Is the facility modern or updated? While some facilities are older, they should still look modern inside. If they haven’t replaced the carpeting in years, it can look worn down. How about the paint and the décor? An old facility can actually be depressive to a lot of elderly people, and they may not enjoy living there. It is a good idea to look around for recently updated facilities or places that are newer if your loved one is concerned about moving into an assisted living center. Start assessing the facility by looking around to notice is it seems to be well taken care of.

Unhappy Residents

As you walk through the facility, get an idea for how happy the tenants are. Do the residents seem depressed? Does the facility have the stereotype of people sitting in hallways? You want to look for a facility that is full of energy and life. Does the staff seem happy and seem to enjoy assisting their tenants? Talk to some of the residents and the staff members to find out how much they enjoy the facility. You want to find a place that has plenty of social events and things going on to see how enjoyable it is to live there. Do the caregivers interact kindly with the residents? Do they seem to be gathered at nursing stations and not actively engaging with residents and helping them?

Lack of Activities

Since senior depression rates are on the rise, it is concerning to find a facility that doesn’t actively engage their seniors. You need to make sure you are locating a place that has plenty of social events inside and outside the facility. If the place doesn’t have a lot of activities, it can lead to depression. People will become depressed easily if they are not actively stimulated by activities and social events. Search for a facility with events, but also one that has all the right equipment and things needed to offer quality care for the residents.

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