Our Caregivers

All of Senior Care’s employee’s are licensed, bonded and insured.

Senior Care’s Caregivers promise to be professional and compassionate as they work with and meet the individual needs of all of our clients in their homes.

Many times doing simple tasks can become difficult with age. What was once easy to accomplish may Great Caregivers for Seniors in the home not be possible now. In addition, these changes often affect relationships with loved ones. Our goal is to provide an at home Caregiver who helps ease these difficulties both mentally and physically.

We only hire the most professional and compassionate Caregivers who love their jobs, and who love to work with the elderly.

Senior Care hopes to improve the quality of life for your or your loved one.  We offer care services that ease the difficulty of aging and provide peace of mind that there is always a Caregiver ready and willing to help.

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“There is nothing more rewarding than working with people I love.”  Anna Giles – Caregiver