How to Find the Right Senior Care Provider

As your parents age you may begin to notice signs that they require a little bit of help to complete daily tasks.  For most aging seniors the goal is to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.  Choosing an in home senior care provider makes staying at home a possibility for seniors.  A senior care provider can come in and help with daily tasks such as managing bills, light housework, reminders of medication, and even simply offering companionship.  When choosing home care providers there are many important things to consider.  Here are just a few:


  • Before beginning the search for a home care provider you should begin by identifying the services you would like to have provided.  If you begin making the list of services and help that your parents need and it seems longer and more in depth you may want to consider evaluating additional options including assisted living or living care facilities in addition to at home care.  Some of the most common services that are provided include companionship and visits to ensure the well being of your loved one as well as simple services such as medication monitoring, meals, and personal care assistance.
  • Knowing the services you are looking for will make it possible for you to compare senior care providers based on the same qualifications.  You can begin your search by looking for those facilities and providers that offer services in your area.  Begin by making a list of the providers you would like to contact for further information.  You should do some initial research about each provider before meeting with them.  You can often find reviews about services online as well as visit their website for detailed information about their services, length of time in business, and other recognitions they may have received.  You should also check with local or state licensing agencies to ensure they have the certifications and licenses needed to provide the services you are looking for.
  • After determining which care providers meet your initial criteria you should take the time to meet with them individually in a consultation.  During this consultation you can discuss with them further details about the services they offer, their experience, and the training requirements of caregivers, their standard procedures, and other important details about their services.  Ask about the specific caregivers that will be assigned to your loved one.  Will they have the same caregiver each time or will it be on a rotating schedule?  Are each of the caregivers trained the same way and what experience do they each have?  Understanding as much as you can not only about the care service but about the individual providers assigned will make you feel more confident in the services your loved one will receive.
  • In addition to learning about the specifics of the services and the providers offering them, it is also important to discuss the financial aspects.  Most insurance companies and Medicare do not cover at home living assistance.  While it is still important to verify specific coverage, it is important to plan on being financially responsible for care services.  Because budget is often a primary concern for seniors living on a fixed income, it is important to discuss this when evaluating service providers.

Choosing an at home service provider for your aging parents can be a great way to allow them to live in their own home longer while still receiving the assistance they need.  When choosing the provider consider all of the facts above, but most importantly look for a care provider that your loved one feel comfortable working with as well.  The goal should be finding a way for your loved one to receive the services they need in a comfortable way.


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