How Much Does Home Care Cost?

While it is a true statement that home care costs less than choosing a full time care facility, it is important to understand that there are differing levels of costs and that the more services you add the more of an investment it will be.  When looking to understand just how much home care services cost, here are the important things to consider:

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  • Every home care provider may charge for services on a different scale.  When looking to contract for home care providers it is important to discover if there are a variety of providers in your area.  You should contact each of them or a variety of them to discuss what standard services are offered as well as pricing.  You may be surprised to find a wide variety in both the standard services as well as the pricing break down.
  • Determine exactly which services you are looking for and which you value the most.  As you begin to do research to determine the right care provider you will begin to get a feel for what services are more standard and which are considered additional.  You should talk with your family member or members to determine if there are specific services you are looking for as well as which are priorities.  Having an understanding of services that you feel are essential may help you determine which you value and which you are willing to do without.
  • Understand that the costs of home care can include more than just the service provider’s fees.  In addition to paying for the provider you may need to calculate costs for supplies, modifications that may need to be made to the home, and ongoing costs such as medications or supply and healthcare equipment rental.  There is more to being able to choose home care over a care facility than just choosing a provider to offer services.  It is important to evaluate what accommodations will need to be made in addition to a care provider to make being at home possible.
  • Talk to your insurance provider.  You may be surprised to learn that a variety of insurance companies now offer some benefits for home care coverage based on the need and the reason of onset of care.  If you have the ability to access insurance assistance in covering the costs for home care you should determine with them your deductibles, co-pay percentages, and maximum benefit allowance.  This will help you to determine what costs you can expect to pay.

When you are trying to calculate and determine what the exact costs you can expect to pay for home care include, you need to look at the overall services that will need to be provided.  Health care services include those services a family member may need following a prolonged illness, accident, or hospital stay.  These services include nursing care, physical or rehabilitation therapy, closer monitoring, and assistance with medications.  Personal care includes assistance at home in taking care of personal hygiene including dressing and bathing.  Nutrition services could include planning and preparing meals to monitoring food intake.  Homemaking and social needs would include like housekeeping, shopping or running errands, or simply serving as a companion and assistant.  Based on the specific needs you select you can begin to find the right care provider for the right price.


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