Going above and beyond

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to mention how one of our Caregivers, Jan, Went above and beyond the call of duty this last week. Jan said:

“When I arrived to the clients home on Monday morning, I was advised that the cat had been missing that night. That night the clients had a Funeral (with family) to go to, therefore, it left me at the house alone doing daily cleaning. Once I was done with the cleaning, I went in my car looking for the cat for awhile, then went back to the neighborhood and started searching on foot. I noticed that the children were not in school so I got them all together and had a meeting telling them about the missing cat, I told them that the client was very sad. I put together some flyers and took them around. On Tuesday late afternoon, some children in the neighborhood who I had a meeting with had found the cat!!! The clients are really happy now that they have their cat back!!!

I believe animals can be such a comfort to the elderly as they (the animals) have so much unconditional love and the elderly just love to sit and pet them and talk to them.  So when they lose a little pet it does affect them.”

Thanks Jan! We are sure lucky to have great Caregivers like you that go above and beyond here at Senior Care.

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