Employee Portal


  1. Time off request form             (Submit at least two weeks in advance)
  2. Availability form                     (Submit when your availability changes)
  3. Apparel – Shirts, hoodies,etc..  (we credit $15.00 on first order)
  4. CLEARANCE OLD Shirts                   (CLEARANCE -50% off!)
  5. Glove,Mask,or Gown: Order Form
  6. W-4 form
  7. Request for more Progress Notes
  8. Caregiver Notes
  9. Employee Suggestion form        (we value your feedback)
  10. Referrals – Client or Employee
  11. View your Pay stub         (You need your “net-pay” from you last paycheck to create account)

Caregiver Level of Achievements:

  1. Level 1 – Perfect Attendance
  2. Level 2 – Excellence
  3. Level 3 – 110%

Employee ‘week at a glance’ Schedule: Schedule Login

  1. Employee Schedule       (Requires username & password, Call the office to obtain access)

Company updates:Me

  1. Sumsion Summary         (John’s weekly videos)

New Hire Forms:checklist

  1. New Hire Paperwork, Handbook & Orientation    (Call office to obtain password)

Training Requirements:iStock_000014371816XSmall

For new hire & annual training requirements click HERE.

Other Optional Training’s:


Employee Directory:

  • No Longer Available. Please call the office if you need phone #’s.