Caregiver of the Month

employee of the month 2employee of the monthThe Caregiver of the month is recognized on the Senior Care website with their picture and a small bio. They are also given a $50.00 gift certificate, achievement certificate, and an employee of the month pin all while being recognized at staff meeting.


How to be considered for the Caregiver of the month program:

  1. Be employed for at least 6 months
  2. Less than 2 tardies per 6 months
  3. Less than 2 excused absences per 6 months
  4. Clients feedback is positive for all cares
  5. Required trainings are completed on time
  6. Requires certifications completed on time
  7. Communication is responsive and timely
  8. Contributes ideas and suggestions for clients welfare
  9. Attends all assigned staff meetings as required
  10. Accepts additional on-call shifts as requested
  11. Telephony Compliance each assignment

Being selected as Caregiver of the month is a great achievement.