Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will health insurance or Medicare cover the costs of your services?  A: Unfortunately most health insurance companies (including Medicare) will not cover the cost of non-medical services in the home; however you can always double check with your provider. 95% of our clients privately pay for our services; we offer very competitive rates. Each client situation is different, so please give us a call to discuss costs.

Q: Can you bill my long term care insurance?  A: Yes. Long term care insurance is a great way to pay for our services. Most long term care insurance plans will cover the cost of our services; we will work with you and your provider to get approval.

Q: Are there any government assistance programs?  A: Yes. Medicaid will provide some financial assistance for our services for those who meet the income eligibility requirements. Typically those who qualify for Medicaid are near the Federal Poverty Level. These levels are adjusted annually, and can be found on the Internet at

Q: Are there any benefits for Veterans?  A: Yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a program called “Aide & Attendance” that will pay for our services. Qualifying for this program does take some time, so please call us today so that we can help you with the application process.

Q: My loved one needs assistance, but refuses to accept it. Can you help?  A: Some clients initially struggle accepting at home care services. They don’t want to admit they need assistance. We cannot provide care to clients who readily refuse it, but we encourage family members to help their loved ones meet with us for an initial evaluation. After meeting with us, most clients walk away feeling reassured and ready to accept our services.

Q: My loved one would prefer a male/female caregiver. Do we have this option?  A: Yes. When speaking with us during the initial evaluation, we will discuss all of your concerns and make sure we meet you and your loved one’s needs as best we can. We do our very best to find the right caregiver for your loved one.

Q: Can my loved one be assigned to the same caregiver for each visit to establish familiarity and trust?  A: Yes. Having the same caregiver is important to many of our clients. We can work with you to establish caregivers your loved one will recognize, trust and know.

Q: Can we contact our Caregiver directly, or do we go through Senior Care?  A: Please contact Senior Care; we then contact our caregivers to give them the necessary information they need. Senior Care will answer all of your questions promptly and notify the assigned caregiver of your loved ones needs.

Q: Do we need to meet with Senior Care to set up our loved ones at home care?  A: Meeting face to face is preferred as we discuss your loved ones needs and how we can best serve you and them. However, we can establish at home care by receiving the necessary paperwork and speaking with you directly over the phone and through e-mail correspondence.

Q: Is it required to schedule appointments in advance, or can we contact Senior Care to assist our loved ones as needed?  A: We only work off of scheduled visits. If you need to change a scheduled time we will work with you, however we do not do “as needed” visits. The schedule can be set up during the initial evaluation or you can call Senior Care to schedule days and times that work well for your loved one.