Caregiver of the Month: Casey Ford – October 2015

Casey FordCasey Ford is fairly new to the caregiving scene. She has only ever been a caregiver for Senior Care which she started in January this year. Although she’s new, she is a natural! Her clients have all adored her. They have said that she’s always one step ahead of their needs, gets everything done that’s needed and will sit and visit with them. Casey’s favorite part of caregiving, aside from the satisfaction and reward of helping others, is getting to know them and hearing their stories. She said they all have stories and experiences to share! Casey has proven to not only be an excellent caregiver, but an excellent employee as well. She is always willing to help with emergency shifts even if she has to rearrange her schedule or plans. She definitely goes above and beyond in everything she does! When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, and just going on walks. Although she grew up in Arizona, she moved to Idaho in her freshman year of high school. Luckily for us, Casey liked it there so much, she decided to stay and make a difference for people there as well as in northern Utah!

Congratulations Casey for being selected as Caregiver of the month!  To learn what it takes to become Caregiver of the month, click HERE.

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