Caregiver Attributes

Senior Care’s biggest goal is to provide great quality care to our clients.  This requires that we employ great quality caregivers.  Below are some attributes that we have found in our top performing caregivers:

•Positive Attitude

•Respect to yourself

•Respect and dignity toward all individuals

•Pride in what you do

•Maturity by being able to control your emotions appropriately

•Cooperation and teamwork

•A practice including high standards in all aspects of work

•Is honest about all aspects of their work

•Promotes health, independence, safety and quality of life for each client

•Reports all client observations and incidents to the supervisor

•Documents accurately and on time 

•Respects the client’s area as his/her home and demonstrates this by taking care of the client’s belongings.

•Never becomes personally involved with clients

•Does not discuss own personal problems with the client and family.

•Does not discuss facility or agency issues with client and family

•Does not share or discuss own personal opinions regarding religious, political, or cultural beliefs, or customs, or living or financial conditions.

•Works within job description; knows limits of job and self, seeks help, advice and clarification when needed.

•Maintains confidentiality.

•Never performs tasks outside his or her scope of practice

•Accepts no “tips” for service to the client

•Accepts responsibility for job and own behavior

•Accepts constructive criticism and suggestions graciously; understands that it is a learning experience.

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